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Technical Support

Our customer service representative interacts with a company’s customers to provide them with information to address inquiries regarding products and services. In addition, we deal with and help resolve any customer complaints. For instance, a customer representative may assist you for the set up Commercial Radio Station, Community Radio Station or TV Channels.
Handling Problems
Customer inquiries often involve some form of complaint that the customer service representative must handle in accordance with the company’s guidelines and policies. The representatives attempt to solve the problems or at least propose some solutions. We also are authorized to send customers their replacement products or reverse erroneous fees. Customer service representatives must make sure first that the complaints made are valid and must do whatever we can--within the bounds of their authority--to make sure the customer is satisfied when he hangs up the phone.
Assisting in Sales
Selling the company’s products and services may be part of our service representatives job, even though he may not be part of the sales division. We may provide product or service information to assist customers in making a decision about a product to buy.
Clerical Tasks
The job of our customer service representative may also involve clerical responsibilities. Such duties may involve answering telephone calls and making the appropriate transfers. For example, when a customer makes an inquiry about transmitter, the representative can transfer the call to a technical service representative. Other duties include processing new client status regarding set up of community radio station, maintaining customer accounts status, implementing changes to existing customers, and filing documents and other paperwork.
Job Specific Responsibiliites
Our customer service representatives are fully responsible to look out all the technical problems related to their radio stations or TV stations.

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